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Customer service department

We are always ready to help you. Our customer service will advise and support you at all times and you will be provided with a point of contact within the community directive board.

BOHR ADMINISTRACIONES services are focused on offering you and your neighbours a flexible and transparent management.

Our customer service department are available in both German and English.

Organization and attention both to general, ordinary and unusual meetings.

Technical assistance in the form of supervision and motorization of agreements approved by boards.

Meetings with the president and board members according to customer needs.

Each user will be assigned their own access code in order to check their community information on our practical online service 24 hours a day. Where they can take advantage of efficient and clear consultations and negotiations with us.

We have a free multimedia meeting room for 25 people, without any additional cost.

We manage the sign up of new communities as well as the information transference with the previous administrator

Labour Management

Management and processes of nature of labour concerning community employees such as contracts, social security registration, sick leaves.

Preparation of payrolls and certificates as well as shipments of salary remittances.

Legal Management

Legal control of contracts with the community suppliers.

Complaints against defaulters.

Management of legal proceedings.

Official governmental proceedings.

Technical Management

Technical advice

Renovation and rehabilitation projects, payment control of the work.

Management of energy efficiency certificates.

Management of occupancy certificates.

Gestión cédulas de habitabilidad.

Quality assurance

Our management has a quality assurance including a public liability insurance through the Ilustre Colegio Territorial de Administradores De Fincas de Málaga with an insurance cover of 300.000 €

Economic control

  • Accounting, treasurey and monitoring of budgets with the president and other members of the neighborhood commitee.
  • Collection management of ordinary and authorized payments.
  • Financial year-end and compilation of the annual liquidation with detailed cost breakdown and its distribution between registry entities.
  • Budgeting for the following year.
  • Complaints against defaulters. Notifying and claiming for payments.
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