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Full transparency

Communication strategies are vital in order to establish a process of confidence between property managers, residents and directive boards.

We work with the greatest transparency in all of our departments. That is why in BOHR ADMINISTRACIONES we maintain our lines of communication open all day, allowing owners to gather real time information regarding their properties 24 hours a day.

Our principles

Moral and ethical principles are essential tools. These lead the BOHR ADMINISTRACIONES team to a new way of life that aids us to maintain thriving relationships among property communities such as owners, directive boards and suppliers.

Working method

Our work consists of an elaborate groundwork base on a delicate combination of experience and technology. Our highly qualified personnel are experly trained and constantly recycle their knowledge. This enable us to keep up with current regulations and real state management advances as well as establishing and cultivating a personal relatioship with our clients.

BOHR ADMINISTRACIONES provides a new concept of interpretating community managements and their needs.

We favor an efficient way which leads the community property and its governing bodies towards solving daily problems. Maximum transparency allows us to apply simple ítems to understand our community direction.

  • Because we want you to be a key member of our team.
  • Because you are the owner of a selection of common spaces and therefore a rights-holder.
  • Because you deserve simple and transparent explanations regarding community progress in order to express your opinion and be able to act in defense of your own interests.
  • Because we want you to participate in detailed discussions regarding community problems where you play an important part.
  • Because language is not a barrier in the active participation of our management.
  • Because due to all these, we are motivated and thrilled about truly being able to count on your trust in order to help you live in a secure and comfortable way.

A great team

Professionals and consultants are trained in property direction and management.


Colegiado Número: 2768

Sergio Borrero | Gerente de BOHR Administraciones
Lourdes Delgado | Jefa de admnistración de BOHR Administraciones
Inés López | Coordinadora de Servicios de BOHR AdministracionesInés López | Coordinadora de Servicios de BOHR Administraciones
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